Prettau Zirconia Bridge with teeth in a day

Traditionally when doing teeth in a day the first set of teeth are made of acrylic.  After 3 months of healing the final set is made.  These teeth can be made of acrylic fused to a metal substructure or they can be made of zirconia.

Zirconia bridges or teeth are CAD cam designed and milled. It is an extremely hard material with no metal substructure.  There are even special designs of zirconia bridges.  An example of these special bridges is the Prettau Bridge.  It is named after Prettau, a region in Northern Italy.  It was originated by Zirkonazahn who has made many advancements in zirconia dental technology.

There are many decisions when thinking about immediate implants with immediate teeth.  Make your appointment today with John Freeman MD, DDS, FACS to discuss your options.  Dr. Freeman has been serving the West Houston, Katy, SugarLand, Cypress areas for over 14 years.


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