Split teeth and dental implants

Split teeth and dental implants

Something that is often seen in a general dentist or oral and maxillofacial surgery office, is a split teeth as shown in the photo. When a split occurs down to the root of the tooth, the split makes it non-restorable. A crown can not keep the tooth together and prevent pain and infection from occurring.

Splits in teeth can occur for numerous reason. Chewing ice, grinding, clenching or trauma are all reasons for a tooth to split. However, dental implants have increased our options in replacing these teeth quickly and long term. Often times the tooth can be extracted or removed and a dental implant can be placed immediately. This is especially true for single rooted teeth.

If a tooth split occurs see a trained implant surgeon immediately to discuss your options. A fractured or split tooth is not something you want to delay in treating. Fractures can lead to significant pain and infection.


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