Board certified Implant Surgeons

When patients are looking for an implant surgeon, they often want to know about his experience.  They will ask how long you have been in practice, how many implants have you placed, what is your success rate, have you ever done a case like mine, etc.  They are all good questions.  The biggest thing about selecting a doctor is trust.  After meeting and talking with this doctor, do I trust him/her.  The doctor-patient relationship is one of pure trust.  The doctor trusts that you will tell him everything honestly and the patient trusts that you will do your best ability to fix the problem.  Both knowing that the surgery or treatment might not work.

John Freeman MD, DDS, FACS strives to do all these things.   The American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons holds their members to a high standard.  They require extensive training, continued education, and examination, both written and verbal.  An additional requirement is that they ask their members to re-certify every 10 years.  Dr. Freeman just recently did this by taking the necessary classes and written examination.

If you have questions about dental bone grafting or dental implants, call Dr. Freeman’s office for a consultation.


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