infuse vs. autogenous bone graft

In a recent article in the International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants, Dr. R. Marx compared using marrow only versus infuse/plasma rich protein (PRP)/freeze-dried bone.  The dental bone grafting was done to increase the height and width of the upper jaw for placement of dental implants.  The study showed the technique sensitivity of using a mesh carrier to place both techniques.  !0% of both techniques were lost immediately due to mesh exposure.  An additional 40% of the mesh carriers were exposed during the healing process but did not result in enough bone loss to prevent dental implant placement.  However, it was the conclusion of the study that they were equal in bone grafting success (90% success rate).

The office of John Freeman MD, DDS, FACS can provide multiple grafting techniques including PRP, Infuse, freeze-dried bone, and harvesting/placing of natural bone from the patient.  Call his kind staff to set up an appointment to discuss your dental bone grafting and dental implant needs.


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