sinus lift w/ dental implants vs zygoma dental implants

When you have lost all your maxillary (upper) teeth and wear a denture, you can have significant bone loss or atrophy.  It can be so severe that there is not enough bone to place traditional dental implants.  So in order to do teeth in a day, teeth by tonight, or teeth in a hour (all the same thing), you need to do bone grafting or place a longer implant that can reach cheek bone (zygoma implant).

A sinus lift dental bone graft is where you expose an inferior portion of the sinus membrane and raise it up (using different types of drills or ultrasonic device).  A dental bone graft is placed to increase the amount of bone or lift the sinus.  It must heal up to 6 months before traditional dental implants are placed at a second surgery.  Depending on the patient, there can be some modifications to this technique to make it faster.

A zygoma implant is a dental implants that is 4 to 6 times longer than the traditional dental implant.  It extends from the dental bony ridge to the cheek bone next to the eye socket.  Traditional this technique was describe as putting a zygoma implant on each side of the arch and four traditional dental implants in the front of the arch to support a full arch of teeth.  Again depending on the patient, there continues to be modifications to this technique.

It can be very confusing to patients to decide what technique is right for them.  John Freeman MD, DDS, FACS has been serving the West Houston Area for over 13 years.  His office welcomes any questions or concerns that you may have about these techniques.


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